The 23 Things

Discovery Exercises and Tasks

Each week, you will complete two or three Discovery Exercises and Tasks ("Things"), as listed below. Links to the details for each week's "Things" are added as the course progresses, typically no later than Friday evening for the upcoming week. Remember, you are in charge of your learning journey. This course is about exposure, exploration and experimentation, not about "doing it right."

Due to the topic/content groupings, some weeks will be more challenging/time intensive than others. The average will be 1-2 hours per week, for a total of approximately 30 hours, but every task will vary, and different tasks will vary widely for different users.

Stretch Tasks

Along the way, you will also encounter a few Stretch activities that are designed to enrich and extend your learning. Everyone is encouraged to try at least some of them, but they are not required. If you are already comfortable with a particular tool or concept, you should definitely complete the Stretch activity!

ยค NOTE: Course activities/resources are subject to perpetual revision, as technology is always changing. However, no "Thing" will ever be revised in medias res (as we are completing it) unless there is a true resource emergency!

photos by Caro's Lines

Click the link to view details for each "Thing."


Complete before beginning the course: Thing 0/Getting Started - Learn about the course, get yourself a Google/Gmail Account and get the right browser.
  • 6/27/11 Week 1 - Introduction
    • Thing 1 - Why do we need to do this?
    • Thing 2 - Are you a Lifelong Learner?
    • Thing 2.5 (Register for your spiffy new blog at Edublogs and get a tiny jump on Week 2!)

  • 7/4/11 Week 2 - Blogging
    • Thing 3 - Set up your blog and write your first posts.
    • Thing 4 - Explore some uses of blogs in education.

  • 7/11/11 Week 3 - RSS and Newsreaders
    • Thing 5 - What is RSS? Set up your newsreader.
    • Thing 6 - Feed your reader, build your habit.

  • 7/18/11 Week 4 - Photos and Creative Commons
    • Thing 7 - Learn about Creative Commons.
    • Thing 8 - Introduction to Photosharing (Flickr)
    • Thing 9 - Flickr Fun!

  • 7/25/11 Week 5 - Wikis
    • Thing 10 - What is a wiki?
    • Thing 11 - Play in the sandbox.

Mid-course check-in: If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like a face to face, email me. For those of you cruising along and looking for more to do, check out this list of more cool things to try. Now we get serious: 3 Things each week!

  • 8/1/11 Week 6 - Twitter and Social Bookmarking
    • Thing 12 - Introducing Twitter
    • Thing 13 - Twitter in Education
    • Thing 14 - Social Bookmarking is Delicious!

  • 8/8/11 Week 7 - Video, Podcasts, and ebooks
    • Thing 15 - Online Video
    • Thing 16 - Podcasts
    • Thing 17 - Introduction to eBooks

  • 8/15/11 Week 8 - Collaborate and Connect
    • Thing 18 - Use online documents (Google Docs).
    • Thing 19 - Explore teacher networking websites.
    • Thing 20 - Tagging and Technorati

  • 8/22/11 Week 9 - Play & Reflect
    • Thing 21 - Explore more tools.
    • Thing 22 - Explore even MORE tools!
    • Thing 23 - Course Reflections

(Of course, you are welcome to continue exploring these tools - and others! - as often as you please. This wiki will remain functional throughout the school year. Return often to refresh your skills and make new discoveries. And encourage your colleagues to visit as well!)