Thing 7b (Week 19) & Thing 7c (Week 24): Google Reader Redux


Check your Google Reader (again, the goal is to build a habit of checking daily), and share a brief blog post about something interesting you have read. Include a link to the post (the permalink from the original site, not a link from inside your reader). Please include "Thing 7b" (or 7c) as part of your post title.

ยค IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MANAGING RSS "OVERLOAD:" If you are feeling overwhelmed by the avalanche of feeds, remember that the information is not really "in" the reader, and that you are not supposed to try and read all of it, but to skim and scan for items that DO interest you, and mark them with a star for true reading(or saving for later). Flip past most and mark items as read. Even if you "delete" everything from your reader, you can always get it back by clicking show "all items," so don't be afraid to weed your reader. Learning to make quick, effective choices about "what to ignore" is a new kind of literacy that we all need to develop and teach our students in this age of information overload! In the blogosphere, the important ideas will always come back around!