More Cool Things to Try

      1. Create a more general-purpose website with Weebly that is not formatted like a wiki or blog (2 or 3 columns).
      2. Explore and add some widgets to your 21Classes wiki.
      3. Check out Ning. Think about how you might use a NING personally or professionally.
      4. Make a Glog.
      5. Go back to VoiceThread, have some fun!
      6. Review another way to handle words by clicking here.
      7. Create an RSS dashboard at Netvibes.
      8. Proceed to Scribd and find a wealth of information.
      9. Explore the Shelfari website and embed a shelf in your wiki.
      10. Add interesting widgets to your blog or wiki - how about a cool banner.
      11. Watch this video and help me figure out a way to use Google Sketchup academically.
      12. Create your own video at Animoto about your 23 Things Adventure.
      13. Review this link about how to use Google Maps and think about potential educational uses.
      14. Although beyond the scope of this course, think about how we will teach the video game generation. Watch this video and comment about how a virtual world might be used in your subject.
      15. Fun with Flickr and Creative Commons-