Thing 13 (Week 15): Social Bookmarking with Delicious and Diigo


Delicious and Diigo are popular social bookmarking sites (of which there are dozens) that allow Internet users to store all of their saved websites (a.k.a. "favorites" or "bookmarks") online, so that they are accessible from any Internet-enabled computer. Users can organize their sites using tags (user-defined keywords), and descriptions. The "social" aspect comes from the fact that users' bookmarks and tags are publicly browsable and searchable. Users can also subscribe to others' bookmark collections or to specific tags to create a personal resource network. Delicious tags are an example of a folksonomy, or user-created organizational structure (you may recall we learned a bit about tagging and folksonomies in Thing 11, Flickr).

Here's Social Bookmarking in Plain English (3:24)- emphasis on Delicious

Diigo Tutorial (4:48)

But why put your bookmarks online? What's the advantage? That's easy to answer using the following questions:
  • Have you ever needed a website at home or at work and it wasn't saved on the "right" computer?
  • Have you ever had to send yourself links to sites, especially a group of links?
  • Have you ever went back to find a link you saved and couldn't locate it?
  • Have you ever needed to supply your students with a list of links and didn't have a way of providing them easily online?

If you answered one of these with a yes, then social bookmarking is a great way of taking care of that problem.

Features of social bookmarking

  • Import all your existing bookmarks (a.k.a favorites) from your browser with a few clicks.
  • Access (and add to) your bookmarks from any computer! Never lose another link, email links to yourself, or paste into a document for sharing access.
  • Discover great resources saved by millions of users with a keyword search, or by browsing specific tags or individual user collections. Try searching Delicious or Diigo as an alternative to Google when looking for resources for a particular topic.
  • Mark any bookmark as private when you save it. (Only YOU will see these sites when you are logged in).
  • Let others do the work for you! (Wisdom of Crowds)
  • Easily share and collect bookmarks with others!


  • Share all your bookmarks with students or colleagues by giving them a single URL for your Delicious or Diigo username (e.g.
  • Share sites for a specific tag (i.e topic) by providing the link for that tag only (e.g.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed of a specific user, tag or user/tag combination in your RSS reader, or display the feed results on a blog, wiki or other webpage to share with students or colleagues.
  • Create a special "shared" tag to collect resources along with others for a particular purpose or topic, for example "23GriffinThings". If you want to share a site with our group, use '23GriffinThings' as a tag along with your other chosen tags. (Here is what the RSS feed for the 23GriffinThings tag looks like, embedded in a wiki page). Imagine how you could leverage this capability for student research, sharing sites with colleagues, or for the school library!
  • Create a specific list of bookmarks for students to use in their research, for colleagues, or as a means of organizing your own bookmarks into topics. These lists are easy to share as each has its own unique URL. Here is one example: Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying.

A Few "High Profile" Social Bookmarking Users (Not a Representative Sample)

Will Richardson
David Warlick
Vicki Davis
David Jakes
Wesley Fryer
Alan Levine
Lucy Gray

Chris Betcher

Jennifer Dorman

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Five ways of "looking at bookmarks" in Delicious and Diigo:

Delicious Link
Diigo Link
by User

(all sites saved by user 'roycemoretech' (that's me!) or 'cobannon')
by Tag

(all sites tagged 'web2.0' by any/all users)
by Tag Intersection

(a "Tag Intersection" combines two or more tags to refine/narrow a search; this link displays all sites tagged with both 'web2.0' and 'podcast' by all users)
by User/Tag combination

(all of 'roycemoretech' and 'cobannon' sites tagged 'collaboration')
by User/Tag Intersection

(all of 'roycemoretech' and 'cobannon' sites tagged with both 'collaboration' and 'podcasting')

Discovery Exercise

PART 1: Explore Delicious and Diigo (~spend at least 20 minutes on each)
  1. Go to delicious.
  2. Search for something that interests you. (You can do this more than once). Enter one or more keywords in the search box at the top of the page.
  3. Review the results and begin browsing. Things to notice: additional tags used for each site, number of other people who have tagged the site (numbers in blue boxes), usernames of those who have tagged the sites (click any username to see all sites saved by that user).
    HELP PAGE: Here is a sample delicious results page for a search using the keyword "Storytelling."
  4. Explore the results of your search by following some of the "delicious" information -- click a related tag, a username, a blue "saved by X other people" box. HINT: To actually visit a "discovered" site, try right-clicking the link and selecting "open in new tab" or "open in new window". That way, you won't lose your delicious results.
  5. When viewing a particular user's saved sites, explore his or her tag list, top 10 tags and tag bundles on the right side of the page. Use Related Tags to narrow your search results. Use Tag Options to switch between cloud and list views, and alpha and count order.
  6. Basically, search and browse around, and see what you can figure out about how delicious works and how it may be helpful to you.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 after going to

‡ HELP Page: Anatomy of a Delicious Page
‡ HELP Page: Anatomy of a Diigo Page

PART 2: Sign up for Delicious and Diigo (~15 min)
Sign up for a Delicious and Diigo account.

‡ HELP Page: Registering for Delicious
‡ HELP Page: Registering for Diigo

Task 1- Delicious

PART 1: Log into your delicious account and practice adding and tagging 15-20 sites. Give some thought to your choices of tags -- think about all the different ways you would categorize the site -- remember that each tag is a SINGLE KEYWORD and you must leave a space between each tag. Don't be afraid to use several tags, they don't cost anything. Also give some thought to the Descriptions (site titles -- the "link" you will click) and Notes (site descriptions). Click the "Delicious" button (checkerboard) on your browser toolbar to go to your account and check out the results of your tagging spree.

‡ HELP Video: Adding & Tagging Sites in Delicious (3 Ways)
‡ HELP Instructions: Steps for Tagging a Site in Delicious (for video haters and impatient folks):
  1. Go to delicious and log into your account.
  2. Go to a web site of interest (either perform a search, or select a familiar site).
  3. While viewing the site, click the TAG button on your browser toolbar. Fill in the notes and tags fields, and edit the title as desired. (If other users have tagged the site, tag suggestions will be provided and you can just click them. After awhile, your own tags will be suggested as well). Remember to separate each tag with a space. Also keep in mind that (to a point) "over" tagging is better than "under" tagging -- more tags are better than fewer.
  4. Click Save. Repeat for several sites.
‡ HELP TIP: Try highlighting a bit of text on a page before clicking the TAG button. The highlighted text will be added automatically to the description field when you save the bookmark to delicious!

PART 2: Add the 'shared' tag "23GriffinThings" to at least FIVE sites that you would like to share with our group. Check out the wiki page to see what happens after you tag a site using 23GriffinThings. (It may take a few minutes to appear).

PART 3: Advanced Tagging:
  • Add a subscription. Find a tag that interests you and subscribe to it (click Subscriptions > Add a Subscription). You can refine/narrow a subscription by using a Tag Intersection (multiple tags joined by + e.g. poetry+shakespeare)
  • Add someone to your network. You can add me, a colleague, anyone you wish. (Click Network > Add a user to Network). It's a great way to pool resources and share with each other.
  • Create a Tag Bundle (click Tag Options > Manage tag bundles) to organize your tags. Bundles are really helpful for keeping your bookmarks in good order. This is most meaningful when you have a lot of sites.

Task 2- Diigo

‡ HELP TIP: Diigo Resources
Log into your Diigo account and practice adding and tagging 7-10 sites. Give some thought to your choices of tags -- think about all the different ways you would categorize the site -- remember that each tag is a SINGLE KEYWORD and you must leave a space between each tag unless you choose to use quote marks to join tags. Don't be afraid to use several tags, they don't cost anything.

Make Friends!!
First of all, find me (roycemoretech) on Diigo and follow me. Find at least 3 others in the class (use the emails in the spreadsheet) and follow them. You have an instructional video below to help you out (but it is a little outdated, so see if you can figure it out yourself first!).

Help Video: Searching for friends and accepting friend requests (old version)
NEW Help Video: "Friending" People (new version)

Task 3- Blog

Write a blog post sharing your thoughts about social bookmarking and what you learned/noticed in your exploration and initial tagging experiences. Include any ideas you have for using social bookmarking in your professional practice (for yourself, with colleagues, and/or with students). Include a link to your delicious and diigo links in the post ( Lastly, give a brief overview of which site you liked better and why you would recommend it to colleagues over the other. Please include "Thing 13" in the post title.

Stretch Task

  • When you are feeling brave, import your existing bookmarks into delicious (log into your account, click settings, then import/upload). Depending on the amount of bookmarks you have, this may be a spring break project for you, but it will be well worth it.
  • Try Google Bookmarks.