Get Ready


Welcome to Roycemore Learning 2.0! Here you will find your first official course "activity," organized with an Introduction, Discovery Exercise and Task -- a format which will quickly become familiar to you. Reading carefully is, for better or worse, a pretty essential key to success in this course. You will also find lots of embedded HELP resources along the way within the Discovery Exercises and Tasks -- placed at the point of need.

Before you get started, it's important that you look over the site so that you understand exactly how the course works. The three pages everyone should read in their entirety are:

    • About this course - a general description of the course
    • FAQ- most everything you might want to know
    • 23 Things - a list of course topics which will provide links to each content module

Discovery Exercises

Please note: Each course topic/thing includes Discovery Exercises, followed by a Task (below). Both are equally important - think of the Discovery Exercises as your learning activities, and the Task as your homework assignment! Here are your first Discovery Exercises:

PART 1: For this course, you are asked to use a Google account. The good news: any email address is ALREADY a Google account! You can log in to any Google service for this course using your email address. Please make sure you know your password. If you are NOT using your school email (why not?), you can use another Gmail address or sign up for a non-school Google account here.

PART 2:Make sure you have a high-quality web browser. I recommend Firefox or Google Chrome. Many of the tools we will explore just seem to run more smoothly in these browsers. Both are "Web 2.0" browsers - with lots of great features -- one of the best of which is TABBED browsing, which means you can open up several web pages at once INSIDE one browser window, and switch between them using tabs -- as opposed to them piling up on your taskbar. (See video below -- tabs are the greatest browser innovation EVER). Make sure you the latest version of Flash installed for Firefox as well.

NOTE: If you already have Firefox, after you launch it, go to Help > Check for Updates and get the latest version.

HELP Video: Installing Firefox -- plus Java and Flash
HELP Video: Using Firefox: What's so great about tabs



Send Beth an email ( letting her know that you have completed the Discovery Exercises. If you did not use your school email address, please tell her the email address you used to sign up for your Google account. She will then send you an invitation to join a Google Docs spreadsheet which you will use throughout the course to track your progress.