Third Grade Bridge VoiceThreads

Please view and comment on our hard work! If you have trouble viewing the VoiceThreads here, try clicking the direct links below.

Note: some of the comments on these VoiceThreads have incosistent volume levels. Be ready to adjust your volume, especially if you are wearing headphones!

direct link to Josh's VT

Hailey and Isaac:
direct link to Hailey and Isaac's VT

Mark and Devin:
direct link to Mark and Devin's VT

Mikey and Sam:
direct link to Mikey and Sam's VT

Emmett and Kati:
direct link to Emmett and Kati's VT

Hahrim and Emily:
direct link to Hahrim and Emily's VT

Nada and Thomas:
direct link to Nada and Thomas' VT

Alex and Arianna:
direct link to Alex and Arianna's VT